Bladder Cancer PCR Array Primer Libraries

Bladder cancer is the most common malignancy of the urinary tract and is observed in frequently worldwide. Though somewhat responsive to chemotherapy, recurrence is common in70% of cases resulting in metastasis. Both genetic and non-genetic factors such as smoking and drinking water quality are assoicated with the onset of bladder cancer. Bladder cancer may be broadly subdivided into two groups: muscle invasive (25%) and muscle non-invasive (75%) types. A variety of surgical, radiation and chemotherapeutic modalities are used for treatement of this disease. At the molecular level, bladder carcinogenesis has been associated with mutations or dysfunction in FGFR3 and/or TP53 signaling. Such pathways include cell cycle, apoptosis and angiogenesis. More recently, however, a variety of new biomarkers and pathways have been implicated in the carinogenesis of bladder cancer. The Human Bladder Cancer PCR Primer Library contains primer sets that amplify genes that have been associated with bladder cancer carcinogenesis and also includes biomarkers associated with the disease.